This page provides a full set of scans of Blanqui’s manuscripts held by Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, which the library has kindly provided, at the highest resolution they offer. Readers should bear in mind that Blanqui’s handwriting is often extremely small and faint, and some of the original manuscripts can be difficult to decipher even with a magnifying glass; for the sake of illustration some higher resolution photographs of a few sample manuscript pages are posted here. For a relatively detailed list of the contents of each manuscript volume, please consult the inventory prepared by Maurice Paz (1972).

NAF 9578

NAF 9578 (pdf, 53 MB)

This volume consists simply of a rough, hand-written listing of the contents of the original folders that contained Blanqui’s papers, which were bequeathed to his friend Ernest Granger. It contains no details regarding the documents themselves. It is dated 7 March 1899. 36 folio pages.

NAF 9579

NAF 9580

NAF 9581

NAF 9581 (pdf, 785 MB)

This volume contains an assortment of statements and texts from 1848 and 1850, including critical notes on Robespierre (ff. 77 to 103). It also includes texts relating to a failed escape attempt from the prison on Belle-Isle in 1853, a version of the letter to Maillard (2 June 1852), some letters from 1857 and 1852, materials relating to the trial in Blois (April 1846), and some texts relating to the Taschereau affair and the rivalry with Barbès. 380 folio pages.

NAF 9582

NAF 9583

NAF 9584(1)

NAF 9584(2)

NAF 9585

NAF 9586

NAF 9587

NAF 9588(1)

NAF 9588(2)

NAF 9589

NAF 9590(1)

NAF 9590(2)

NAF 9591(1)

NAF 9591(2)

NAF 9592(1)

NAF 9592(2)

NAF 9592(3)

NAF 9593

NAF 9594

NAF 9595

NAF 9596

NAF 9597

NAF 9598